How to use WhatsApp for PC with Google Chrome

WhatsApp Web is the new feature which is available within the official application these days and it clearly means that you can now start using WhatsApp right on your PC. You need not to worry about anything because it’s the official version for you and all you need to do is to follow the steps I’ve been writing down in this guide here.

The WhatsApp Web feature isn’t that hard to go through but still here I’m sharing a guide on how to use WhatsApp for PC with Google Chrome. You got it right. WhatsApp Web feature is available only through Google Chrome web browser right now and no other browser is going to work with this. So you’re all set to use WhatsApp on computer.


WhatsApp needs no introduction, even if you’re not using it and I’m definitely hoping that you’re eager to use it now. Earlier this application wasn’t available for PC platform officially and still there is no standalone application installation rather the developers have come up with a browser based solution.

The browser version of WhatsApp is almost like the smartphone version with slight changes without affecting the overall user experience and theme. You can still send unlimited number of text messages, share pictures, videos, voice notes and any other supported file.

All these things can be done from your PC now and its going to be synchronized simultaneously with your smartphone version. So no need to check on your phone from now as you can use WhatsApp on PC.

To start with you have to first update the application version installed on your smartphone. It’s a necessary step and without it you can’t use WhatsApp on computer anyhow comfortably. So do that and use your phone number to create a new account if you’re new here.

Use WhatsApp for PC with Google Chrome

Once the application is updated then start following the steps mentioned down here as it is.

WhatsApp Web Application

  • Start the application on your smartphone which is I’m hoping that updated to latest available version.
  • Move into options and there you’ll see a new option labeled ‘WhatsApp Web’, tap on that.
  • Start the Google Chrome in computer and follow this link directly. Or you can search for WhatsApp Web in search tool and open official home page.
  • You’ll see a QR code there which you had to scan using the smartphone you’ve but don’t do anything in smartphone. Just start using it from where you left it before.
  • The QR code will be scanned and whola, you’ll get login with your WhatsApp account within the Google Chrome any second.

So this was the whole process you should be aware of and I’m pretty sure that there was nothing at which you can find trouble with. Don’t forget to share this stuff with all friends you’re aware of on the social networks so that they can also come to know about this much needed news and off course the tutorial.

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