How to run Android Apps for PC with Bluestacks

First of all let me assure you that you’re going through a genuine process and this will get you run Android apps for PC with BlueStacks easily. This guide is going to be easy and even if you face issues then I can simply come up with solution to sort them up.

The most usual issue with using BlueStacks on PC is that when your PC isn’t compatible to play HD content. So you need to update the graphics driver version and also make sure that at least 4GB of RAM is added so that this software can run up comfortably.

BlueStacks is the main reason why we are able to play Android apps on PC because it emulates the Android OS right away on your computer. The other way to run Android OS on computer is by using VirtualBox but that’s not an easy option to try out for every person unless you’re a tech geek yourself.


BlueStacks is the only software available which is working like charm if its hardware and software requirements are meeting and also it runs on latest Android OS version out there unlike any other alternative which still operate on older ones.

The user interface out there which BlueStacks serves to its users is extremely simple and elegant enough to keep you addicted there. You need not to worry about learning it from someone else or buying an ebook to learn how to use BlueStacks as using it is just like using an Android device.

You can handle up to certain settings available within and also you can install any allowed app or game within with ease. Google play store is available within which is another good news as you can get the apps through official Google store. So it further increases its credibility.

How to Run Android Apps for PC with BlueStacks Easily

Start with the process and all you need to do is to follow the things I am writing down here.

  • First install the BlueStacks software on your computer. You can download it from here and then double click on it to start installing. Simply follow on screen instructions and get over with it easily.

BlueStacks pc

  • Start the software then and you need to find out any Android app you wish to install using the search tool right away there. Click on the first clickable link that links you towards the Google play store.
  • Now login with a Google account when you’re asked to setup synchronization feature, which is a required process to do.

BlueStacks mac

  • At last you need to click on install option right away which is at front of the app you see in there at the Google play store. This will start the app installation within BlueStacks and it will end up automatically.

Well, that’s it! You’re done making efforts now and nothing to worry about any more. I hope everything went off without any issues and you liked this way to run Android apps for PC.

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