Download Hike Messenger for PC easily

Recently Hike Messenger application introduced free calling for its millions of happy users and so you should be using it as well. Here is a guide on how to download Hike Messenger for PC and it’s all going to be easy and comfortable.

The app is developed by a registered company in India itself and it got most of the users from Indian only. But it’s still a precious and well capable messaging app that is meant to serve its purpose at best and ease.

The recently released free voice calling feature had been well received throughout the country by its millions of users because the quality of calls being offered are very high and as we can expect. You may even find the quality better than you get through normal way if internet connection being connected with is with 3G or 4G network. It does pretty good job with 2G network as well.

hike messenger

The application is available for free and there are no hidden charges at all. Yes there are no paid features within which further increases the user experience and make it a top notch app to be used.

The user interface it comprises of is highly elegant and good enough that you all are going to get addicted with it from the very first moment. Your profile is created instantly and you can upload profile picture, update status, kind of stuff which are normal these days.

Hike Messenger is going to allow you to send unlimited number of texts along with sharing videos, images, voice notes and many other files of different formats. The formats of files being supported in this app are higher than any other app which further helps users to use this app itself to share any file they wish to within the same conversation.

The options available within are highly acceptable by every user it got and the kind of user interface it serves makes the user experience pretty high. It also offers hundreds of stickers using which users can share what they wish to say otherwise via text and most of them are using our common way of communicating in India.

hike messenger for pc download

This particular feature of classic stickers further increases the use of Hike Messenger for its purpose and users find sharing sticker way to easy then saying it through texts normally. So I hope you too going to like this application.

How to Download Hike Messenger for PC Guide

Go through following instructions and you’ll get over with everything instantly.

  • Start installing BlueStacks software first which you can download for free from here and get it installed easily just like any other normal software.
  • Use the search tool of BlueStacks then to find out Hike Messenger Android app and then click on clickable link you find.
  • Login with a Google account to setup synchronization feature you’ve been asked to and you simply can’t skip this step.
  • Click on install option which is there right away and you’ll get the app installed within few minutes of time.

I hope you get it through easily and also going to share this stuff with your friends over social network.

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