Download Crossy Road for Mac and Install

Gaming now a days is the new cool thing in the society. Not only children but grown-ups also enjoy the new gaming processes that include unique and amazing graphics; and also those games which have an attractive appeal to the crowd.

Crossy Road is one such game with amazing graphics and an interesting appeal which has taken the gaming to all new level.

CROSSY ROAD was introduced to the world by the famous Hipster Whale Company in 2014. And soon the game shook the game world with a quake. It’s a game which is really easy to be played upon and is really interesting as well, not only to true gamers but also to the ones who lack out on gaming.

crossy road for mac

How to Download Crossy Road for Mac:

Crossy Road, in its very essence, basically boosts the player to cross a number of paths, roads, rivers, tracks with a scream of ease without running short of lives. The game provides with 90 characters out of which 79 can be easily unlocked at pleasure by the prize machine and the remaining 11 shall be a mystery! The unlockable characters are as following-

  • Emo Goose
  • Baby Duck
  • Kiwi
  • Mallard

And many more characters which await to attract you!

Further, the player shall initiate gaming in disguise as a chicken or bunny or maybe a cute koala. While the players are on set for the massive upcoming journey, they shall also have to go through many obstacles.

In order to cross these obstructions, the player will have to keep waiting till the path is absolutely clear. However, if rivers are the obstructions in the path, the player can easily use platforms.

Now, to add an extra twist or rather to spice up the game, on the player’s mission of overcoming obstacles, an eagle has also been added which can gulp down the player’s mascot. The player’s mascot will be gulped down by the not-so-wanted eagle, if the player instead of getting hyper, stays cool at a position and does not move for 5 seconds.

If the player, once the mascot is snatched, moved three steps back, the game would be over. Sounds interesting and fun, right?

crossy road on mac

Crossy Road Install on Mac:

The awesomeness of the game doesn’t simply end here. For every square unit crossed by the respective player, a point shall be earned and on acquiring 50 points, there’s a sound beat which will provide you with more enthusiasm and would create an exciting arena altogether, to cross your present obstacles.

Besides on earning points, the player also gets an opportunity to earn gold coins. Whoa! Interesting, Isn’t it?

Crossy road is a game which is seriously loved by many. However now, Mac users can alos avail to enjoy this game via Bluestacks. For that, firstly, download Bluestacks.

The player just have to look up for Crossy Road on Bluestacks and then just download it which is followed up by installation of the game.

All done, the game can be accessed from the main interface of emulator installed!

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