Dolphin Browser for PC Download available on Windows 7/8

Android platform got hundreds of application for every task and at least couple of them can be found genuinely working at their best serving best user experience which we all care about.

But this guide isn’t about smartphones rather I’ll cover a tutorial on how to get Dolphin Browser for PC download and this is going to support both Windows 7 and 8 OS running computers and laptops.

This web browser application is available for iOS running smartphones and tablets since years and it had been an extremely popular alternative to default Safari application which Apple serves in its devices.

When Android started becoming popular, the developer of this application developed and launched the Android version of the Dolphin Browser app and so we got an option to use it on computer as well.

dolphin browser

That’s true, we are going to use the same Android version on the computer directly without facing any issues at all and this all is going to be truthfully simple.

The browser application we are talking about here is truly awesome and it even uses gestures which can help you get done with browsing the internet at ease.

You’re not even going to find a single issue or trouble while using the application for surfing internet because it’s too easy to use. The whole user interface is elegantly designed which further increases the user experience and makes it way to high.

dolphin browser for pc download

There is nothing you can worry about since you’re definitely going to get addicted using this browser application and I can assure that you’re going to have an awesome user experience. Good luck.

How to Get Dolphin Browser for PC Download

So here we are finally at the installation procedure. I would like to say that you should check graphics driver of your computer to its latest version so that graphics related issues are compensated right away.

  • Download the BlueStacks software on your computer. It’s an Android emulator software which is available for free over here. It’s trusted and used by millions of users.
  • Start installing the software now and all you need to do is to double click on the installer file and then start following on screen instructions you see there.
  • Start the software now and within its user interface you’ll see a search tool. Use that to find out Dolphin Browser Android application. Click on first clickable link and the app will open up in the Google play store.
  • You’ll be asked to login with a Google account now and you had to do that which will enable the synchronization feature.
  • Once the login is done you’ll get back to Google play store and there you’ve to click on install option available right there.

This is all done from your side and now the application will be installed automatically right away and you can launch it just like you launched the search tool. I hope everything went off without any issues and you’re done with it.